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Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Long time no talk!

Hello, thanks for reading us! First, we'd like to inform you that all backordered items are starting production in the next week. Finally, we will be able to ship all pending orders first come first serve. We will have all your favorite classics like Tyrannosaurus Text, Iron Commando, Stone Protectors, 40 Winks and more in stock!

Next up, I'd like to announce our first attempt at hardware production and distribution.

We have partnered with Coleco to use their Coleco Mini Arcade casing to produce a new version of Top Racer, the original classic racing game by Gremlin Graphics!

This product will be distributed and fulfilled by Piko Interactive.

TopRacer, the classic racing game, was originally released in 1993 with a soundtrack by Barry Leitch. This realistic racer game PIKO Interactive includes 64 racing tracks in 16 countries. The mini arcade features a steering wheel, and the objective is to become the fastest driver in the race with your choice of several cars.

Top Racer Mini Arcade feature:

  • Full Color LCD Display

  • Powerful new gaming chip set

  • Steering Wheel addition to TopRacer game)

  • AA Battery Operated & Charger Port

  • Highly-detailed, colorful art wraps

Lastly, we have several new releases for you and some other previous limited releases available for purchase! This wave of games has a little bit of everything...

First of we have new releases:

Preorders will be live at the current pricing for 60 days. After that there will be a price increase. Production run will take about 4 months.

Last but not least we have Soccer Kid! We have acquired several original copies in new condition for Soccer Kid.

And finally, we have a few copies available of the limited run game release for Glover.

Thanks again for reading us, and we'll be working hard to get every single order out as soon as possible.

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1 Comment

Jul 19, 2023

Hey when are we going to hear more news about 40 Winks for Game Boy? Please hurry up and release it before next year idiots!

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