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Zero Tolerance Subway - Sega Genesis - Shipping Now!

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Action stays underground.

Never seen before levels for Zero Tolerance are finally here. Are you ready to explore all the underground hallways of the subway?

Use your skills to open your way through infinite waves of enemies that only have one thing in their mind... To kill you!

Pick between 5 agents, each one of them with different special features; but be careful, because once one of your agents ends up KIA, you'll lose him forever.

Use the many available weapons to your advantage and complete your mission. But think every shot your take very well, if you are not careful, you'll finish all your ammunition and you'll be all alone with only your fists to fight.

Zero Tolerance Subway is optimized for a 6 button Sega Genesis Controller, use it to take your combat tactics to the limit.

The only question left is; Do you have what it takes to guide your team to another completed mission?

Game Packaging Includes:

  • Game cartridge featuring Original Zero Tolerance and The Subway Levels
  • Color Manual
  • Case and Artwork.

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