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Neo Super Bubble Pop - Neo Geo AES

In stock
Product Details

Completely new and reworked version of Vektorlogic's Super Bubble Pop now for Neo Geo MVS. This game features new rehauled graphics that resemble traditional neo geo games. It also features a new Intro and Ending.

This version was developed in partnership with Neobitz.

Package includes:

  • AES Cartridge
  • Instruction Manual
  • Case with Artwork.

Game Description:

  • Super Bubble Pop is a 3D puzzle game played on an angled grid of squares arranged in a nine-by-nine layout. Players move one of five characters left and right along the bottom of the screen while shooting multicolored bubbles that appear on the grid. The object is to create a match of three colors in either a horizontal or vertical line in order to remove the bubbles from the screen. Over time additional bubbles will appear, stacking on top of each other and creating new rows in 3D space, thereby pushing existing bubbles toward the character. If the bubbles end up blocking the character's movement, the game ends.

    Over 30 timed stages are available, with high score bonuses achieved by clearing a stage as quickly as possible or by chaining together combos. Pick-ups will also randomly appear, offering characters the temporary ability to freeze rows, flip columns, or a similar power. Each character has a special attack that can be used to keep the bubbles from advancing. In a departure from similarly themed puzzle games, Super Bubble Pop emphasizes dancing and techno-flavored music. Characters will periodically dance as they move back and forth to the beat of four different soundtracks. Unlike the console versions of the game, Super Bubble Pop for Neo Geo is for one-player only. Other changes include a more limited selection of background effects and the inability to switch bubble skins.
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